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About Us

A Community based organisation in the heart of Mayfield

Mission Statement

Newbury House Family Centre CLG. aims to improve and maintain the quality of life for all in Mayfield and the surrounding area by providing quality services, efficiently delivered in a non-judgemental manner.

Newbury House Family Centre CLG

Incorporating our Childcare, Family Support services and Mayfield Arts Centre our main objective is to promote, operate and provide child, family and community support in the Mayfield and surrounding areas. We do this through the provision of childcare facilities, family and  community supports, community arts programmes and educational courses.

Our Organisation is Non-Profit making and is operated by a voluntary Board of Directors and managed by Rosella Sheehan.

Mayfield Arts Centre

Mayfield Arts Centre

A unique, dedicated arts space based in the heart of Mayfield at Newbury House Family Centre.

We develop, manage and deliver arts programmes, training and education in consultation with the local community and provide access to art activities and processes that facilitate personal and community development to people of all abilities.

Founded in 1996, the organisation has grown and evolved into a vibrant welcoming and creative art space with a purpose built, fully wheelchair accessible art centre, which is surrounded by a beautiful organic garden.

Aims & Objectives

  • To improve and maintain the quality of life for all in Mayfield and the surrounding area by providing quality services, efficiently delivered in a non-judgmental manner.
  • To promote an inclusive and equality focused environment which will strive to lessen social, emotional and financial disadvantage
  • To respond to the changing needs of people in the locality
  • To support the ethos of Community Development in the Mayfield Area
  • To support individual and families in the Community
  • To ensure availability and access to quality childcare
  • To support and encourage the development of education and training opportunities in the Mayfield Area
  • To encourage and support local persons in the acquisition of employment

Our Values

  • Be inclusive of service users, local people and groups to avail of our services and to encourage participation, volunteerism and a sense of belonging.
  • Operate on community development principles of social justice, self-determination, working and learning together, sustainable communities, participation and reflective practice
  • Promote social inclusion and collaborative
  • Encourage diversity and creativity in thought and action.
  • Support families in a professional, fair and compassionate manner, whilst respecting the need for confidentiality and discretion
  • Work to make a real difference in the lives of families, individuals and groups using our services and facilities and the wider community.
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